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November 29, 2017

Im getting back settled here in Toronto now after the 7.5 week tour with The Birthday Massacre through Usa, Europe and Uk.

Back to full time teaching my 40 students weekly and free lancing gigs around the city.

Tour Recap;

The USA mini tour in September was awesome. Got to see alot of USA I’ve never seen before.

We played the high elevation festival in Denver yesterday with some awesome bands. We were sidestage for Mastodon and Korn, it was epic.

Our 3 week Europe run was amazing; The Agonist, Serenia, Xerosun were amazing to watch every night. More importantly great guys and girls to hang with. Even if my bros in the Agonist are Habs fans 😉

Lastly our run through Uk was awesome, Londons gig at the O2 was a highlight!
also the gigs and down time in Scotland was amazing too!

I have tons of photos of each tour posted on my facebook and Instagram, check them out!

My former student Tor who studied at Berklee for two years and now Humber in Toronto substitue taught my students while I was gone.

For those of you on Instagram, find me @ drumphiller

Thanks for reading!

Rock on,