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April 19, 2017,

Its been a busy few months gigging and teaching, was nice to get home to Ottawa for easter for a much needed break.

Had the first gig with The Spice Girls tribute Girl Power in burlington. We filmed some of the show for promo so ill toss some up here when its done.

White Lake Snakes has a show next weekend. Cant wait to play some metal with the boys April 28th!

My TOOL tribute Stinkfist is playing a reunion show in Ottawa May 26th and now Toronto May 25th too… We are doing the iconic AENIMA album front to back both shows…plus a set of other Tool Hits.

I’ve been playing these songs like crazy on my own the last 2 months. When i was home for easter got to jam with our bassist mike. Was a productive jam, and hes coming to Toronto this weekend to jam with our singer Turi.

Lessons are going great, I’ve booked June 11th off for my next students recital.. Working very hard with my students in prep for that.

Check out this website for “The Autumn Ministry“, I recorded two tunes with these guys over the last few years… Very eclectic indie rock and was two really fun pre-pro and recording sessions. ttps://

For those of you on Instagram ive joined recently, find me @ drumphiller

Thanks for reading!

Rock on