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July 24, 2017

Ive got some super exciting news brewing, its not 100% yet so i cant give all the details. Looks like i’ll be doing a one month tour of Europe this October :) Once its for sure I will post all the details.

July has been a quiet month for me for shows, which has given me the chance to head to my cottage in Ottawa a bunch.

Ive also been working at a local day camp doing percussion classes. Also teaching a few private lessons as well.

White Lake Snakes is playing the bovine August 5th with our good buddies Zaum & Flying Fortress. We will be debuting new material.

Im also subbing in with two awesome tribute bands next month. TOOL tribute “Third eye Open” and RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE tribute “Evil Empire”. Looking forward to relearning the tool songs again :)

For those of you on Instagram ive joined recently, find me @ drumphiller

Thanks for reading!

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