Lesson Plan

With all students Phil strongly emphasizes reading and writing standard drum notation. However he also does not discourage learning by ear as well. No two students are the same and I like to cater my lessons to the students strengths. Helping them progress as quickly as possible, while still learning the fundamentals to being a solid and versatile drummer.

Phil also organizes two recitals for his students in June and December to showcase their skills for their friends and family!

Beginner Lesson Topics
-Introduction to the kit
-Kit Setup, Stick Selection, Grip & posture
-Introduction to Common time signatures
-Rest & Notes from whole notes to Sixteenth notes
-Dotted notes & rests
-Introduction to metronome
-Basic drum beats and drum fills
-Introduction to drumming the styles of Rock, Pop, Blues,
-Basic Rudiments; Single & Double Stroke Rolls, Paradiddles, Flams, flam taps
-Introduction to various percussion instruments
-Basic Syncopation
-Artist Recommendations for songs to learn ;
AC DC, Beatles, Rolling Stones, MJ, Coldplay, CCR, Joan Jett,
Taylor Swift, Queen, Bruno Mars

Intermediate Lesson Topics
-Sixteenth note triplets, 32nd notes and rests
-Introduction to drumming the styles of Funk, New Country,
Metal, Jazz, Punk, Rnb, Ska
-Ear training and charting exercises and songs
-Independence & Hand speed exercises
-Drum tuning & maintenance
-Paradiddle pyramid
-Odd time signatures
-Introduction to Double Bass
-Introduction to open handed drumming
-Metronome exercises for co-ordination and speed
-Rudiments; ruffs, open rolls, 3 stroke ruffs, 5 6 7 strole rolls, ratamacues, flamacues, advanced paradiddle rudiments
Artist Reccomendations for Songs:
Led Zeppelin, Stevie Wonder,Green Day, Jimmi Hendrix,Foo Fighters,Police, Pink Floyd,
Metallica, Iron Maiden, RHCP, Soundgarden, Bob Marley

Advanced Lesson Topics
Thirty second note triplets, 5 7 9 10 14 tuplets
-table of time
-triplet tree
-Introduction to drumming the styles of Prog Rock & Metal,
Fusion, Jazz,Latin, Reggae
-Advanced double bass concepts
-Gig / Recital / Audition Preperation
-Complex Ostinatos & independence exercises
-Metric Modulation
-Learning to solo & groove in various genres
-Polyrhythms & Time Signature Subdivisions
-Advanced open handed drumming
Rudiment examples; Pataflaflas, 9 10 11 13 stroke rolls, dragadiddles
Artist Recommendations for Songs;
Rush,Steely Dan, Return to Forever, Dave Matthews Band, Frank Zappa, Dream Theater, Tool,
Buddy Rich, Meshuggah, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Animals as Leaders, Porcupine Tree, Opeth

Books & Materials I Use
Ted Reeds Syncopation
The New Breed
Stick Control
Future Sounds
Advanced Techinques for the Modern Drummer
Double Bass Encyclopedia
Open handed playing Vol 1
Drummers Cookbook
The art of Latin Drumming
Adam Hay’s Book
The Breakbeat Bible
Double Bass Drumming and Power Fills Workout
Lessons With the Greats Volume 1
Intermediate Snare Drum Studies
Progressive Solos for Snare Drum Vol 1
Drum Techniques of Rush Vol 1 & 2
Ultimate Drum Playalong Led Zeppelin Vol 2
Rush Moving Pictures
Best of Slipknot 2nd Edition
Drum Playalong – Modern Rock
Dream Theater – Full Score Anthology
The Best of Dave Matthews for Drums
The Best of Bob Marley for drums
Mike Portnoy book

Large Archive of over 800+ Songs in standard notation